Conference Menu


All menus can be tailored to suit your requirements

JiL Large Bagel Platter (36 Quarters)
(Beef & Mustard Mayo, Salmon & Cream Cheese Mayo)

JiL Large Sandwich Platter (48 Triangles)
(Ham with Mustard Mayo, Turkey with Cream Cheese Mayo, Egg Mayo, Prawn Mayo, Cheese & Onion Mix)

JiL Ham & Cheese Croissant Platter (14 Halves)
(Ham Slices & Jarlsberg Cheese)

JiL Large Wrap Platter (40 Rollers)
(Ham with Mustard Mayo, Turkey with Cream Cheese Mayo, Egg Mayo & Cheese, Beef & Mustard Mayo)

JiL Large Children’s Platter (46 Fingers)
(Marmite, Ham, Mild Cheddar Cheese, Strawberry Jam)

JiL Anti-Pasto Platter
(Parma, Bresola, Various Salami, baby Plum tomatoes Feta Cheese, Black & Green Olives)

JiL Meat & Cheese Platter
(Sliced Beef, Sliced Ham, Sliced Turkey, Cheddar Slices, Port Salut Slices, Jarlsberg Slices)

JiL Meat Ball (100 Pieces)

JiL Barbeque Wings (50 Pieces)

JiL Large Sushi Platter (50 Pieces)
(Salmon Nigiri, Prawn Nigiri, Snow Crap Nigiri, Cuttle Fish Nigiri, Tamago Gbean Green Red Pepper, Tuna Mayo Mix Med Roll, Kinpira Hosomaki, Grilled Red Pepper, Cucumber Hosomaki, Salmon Hosomaki, Salmon Flake Hosomaki)

JiL Large Shrimp Platter (72 Shrimp)
(With Cocktail Sauce and Sweet Chilli Dip)

JiL Vegetable Platter
(Vegetable may vary depending on season with Sour Cream & Chive Dip)

JiL Fruit Platter
(Melon, Apples, Grapes, Mango, Pineapple, fruit may vary depending on season)

JiL Mini-Desert Platter (48 Pieces)
(Almond Sponge, Lemon Dome & Lemon Zest, Chocolate & Vanilla Ingots, Red Fruits Jelly & Raspberry, Apricot & Almond & Tart, Chocolate Éclairs, Coconut Cakes, Passion & Mango Dome, Pistachio & Raspberry cakes, Chocolate Shortbread, Ganache & Almond)